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The LinuxGuitar website offers useful information and key insights into the fascinating world of pianos, whether they are acoustic or digital. In addition to this, we also look at the world of music in general.

You will be thrilled to discover our in-depth guides and reviews that are packed with practical tips and tricks that will enable you to gain a greater understanding of pianos and keyboards. You will also gain valuable knowledge about synthesizers, piano learning, musical production, and much more as you progress through this course.

A LinuxGuitar subscription provides access to exclusive interviews with the guitar heroes from your favorite bands, in-depth lessons on how to improve your playing skill and authoritative gear reviews by the founding members of LinuxGuitar. If you're looking for a place to catch up on your favorite artists' work, to discover new playing techniques or to read honest, in-depth reviews that can help you chose the right guitar, amp, pedal, or recording gear for you, LinuxGuitar has everything you need. Due to the fact that we embrace rock, blues, fusion, jazz, metal, and world music, we are the first stop for guitarists whose interests run wide and deep, including rock, blues, jazz, metal, and world music.

Like our print magazine, LinuxGuitar.org is continuing the tradition of bringing you not only content from our pages, but also breaking news, videos and music directly from the world of music, all presented with meaningful context, making for an insightful read. This is where you'll find the audio and video content that you'll need to understand new styles and techniques and become a better player by learning new techniques and styles. It is LinuxGuitar and LinuxGuitar.org that work together to bring you the most comprehensive and up-to-date articles that discuss the players, music, lessons, gear, and lessons you care about the most.